Some Basics of Catholic Life

A Brief Introduction

"Doing your own thing" is a phrase which sums up the philosophy of our age. For the Catholic "doing your own thing" is the response of a person who does not accept that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life; the response of a person who does not believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in His Church, both sacramentally and, above all, authoritatively.

The Catholic believes that the teaching authority of Christ Himself is heard in His Church. When we listen to the Church we listen to the voice of the Lord. The Catholic Church down the centuries has guarded the revelation given her by Jesus Christ. Not only that, in addition she has given the individual Catholic basic guidelines for the living of the Christian life. These guidelines mark out for every individual Catholic the minimum requirements for leading the Christian life. They are invitations to grow in love of Jesus Christ. They are the sure foundations for such growth.